Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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CM BS Yediyurappa questions those staying at hospitals ‘unnecessarily’ depriving severe ones of treatment

Due to shortage of beds Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Tuesday questioned the Covid-19 patients what is need of staying at hospitals ‘unncessearily’ and asked them to go home and make space for the severe ones. “What is the need for the 332 patients to remain in the hospital for 30 days? They should vacate the beds,” he said.

“There are 503 patients in the hospital for 20 days. This way people who are staying in the hospital unnecessarily should go home,” he added.

The chief minister said this after reviewing the data shown by the Covid war room about the status of beds in the hospitals, avalability of oxygen and other Covid related resources and equipments. The data generated by the war room shows that the patients who can be treated at home are also staying at hospitals leading the severe patients deprive of getting treatment at the hospitals, said Mr Yediyurappa.

There are total 503 such patients who are staying at hospitals despite doctors’ advice to discharge said Mr Yediyurappa adding, such patients should be told that their treatment has been done and they can go back to their homes so that other severe patients can be admitted.

Praising the managemnet of Covid war room he said that it give every minute detail about the patients admitted at the hospitals, availabily of beds, medical oxygen and other covid related items in exact figures. “We are operating this war room in a systematic manner, which probably cannot be seen anywhere in the country,” said the chief minister.

The CM’s visit at the Covid war room came after the BJP MP Tejasvi Surya alleged thate there was a bed booking scam going on in the private hospitals in which some of the war room staff conspired with the hospitals and civic officials to block the government quota of beds. Those beds were ‘sold’ to the needy for a hefty bribe somewhere between Rs 50,000 to over Rs one lakh, Tejasvi had alleged.

A couple of those involved in the scam have been detained so far.

Due to unprecended arrival of second wave there have been an high demand for hospital beds that has resulted in shortage of beds and even other Covid related drugs and equipments like remdesivir, oxygen cylinders etc.

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