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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Chhatriwali Starring Rakul Preet Singh Speaks A Lot About Safe Sex

We are taught from an early age to keep the words “sex” and “sexual cravings” to ourselves. Even when it comes to periods, we are expected to keep our conversations to ourselves. It is considered embarrassing to have period stains on your skirt. People around us often forget that breathing is essential for survival, that nothing is hidden, and that the vagina is just as vital as the heart. It is beneficial for children to learn about vaginal hygiene early in life since knowledge of vaginal health is crucial. Chhatriwali, starring Rakul Preet Singh and Sumeet Viyas, is about this. Unquestionably Chhatriwali is a preach-free educational movie.

I’m grateful that Hindi cinema has opened the conversation about sexual health because it’s just as crucial as mental health. It discusses male contraception and how the best form of protection, as contrast to birth control pills, which have side effects, is a condom. Contraception is not a simple button you click when a woman becomes pregnant unintentionally; condoms can save lives.

Chhatriwali, directed by Tejas Vijay Deoskar, sensitively depicts the negative repercussions of routine usage of abortion pills. The movie demonstrates how the biology textbook’s chapter on the reproductive system is just as significant as its chapter on the digestive system. Additionally, Rajesh’s portrayal of the Biology teacher resisted Tailang’s request to teach the chapter in-depth to the students.

Rakul Preet Singh portrays the head of quality control in a condom factory in the Haryana-based movie. She is humiliated by her job description in the beginning of the movie, but with her employer’s help, she learns the value of sex education and how condoms may save lives. Even though it’s a one-time viewing, everyone should see the movie, especially teenagers. Chhatriwali conveys its message in a lighthearted way without being preachy.

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