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Centre Approved Premature Release of Bilkis Bano Convicts In Just 2 Weeks, Shows Document

It has been revealed from a court document that the 11 convicts in the gang rape and murder of her family members during Gujarat riots in 2002 were approved by the home ministry just in two weeks despite opposition by a special court and CBI.

On Monday, the Gujarat government had told the Supreme Court that the convicts were released after 14 years of jail and their behaviour was found to be good, so the centre had approved their release.

In the affidavit it is shown that the state government had asked for approval by the centre for the release of 11 convicts on June 28, 2022, which was approved on July 11.

The 11 convicts walked free on this Independence Day kicking off a big political controversy.

The affidavit which was submitted to Supreme Court showed the approval of Union Home Ministry for premature release of the 11 convicts dates 11 July, 2022. A letter which was found from the ministry gives “approval of the Central government under section 435 of CrPc for the premature release…”

The document has even showed disagreement of CBI and a special civil judge for the release of the convicts. Currently, the apex court is hearing three petitions against the release of 11 men.

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