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BJP MP On Whose Name Visitor Pass Was Issued To Attackers In Parliament Meets Speaker Om Birla

The BJP MP Pratap Simha on whose name the men who entered the Lok Sabha chamber received the visitor pass met the House Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday. He told the Speaker that the father of the accused Manoranjan D had requested the visitor pass to visit Parliament as he resides in his constituency, Mysuru, said the sources.

Mr Simha also told the Speaker that he was in continous contact with his personal assistant and his office until Sagar Sharma went inside the Parliament. He then said that he had no additional information about the incident apart from what all he shared with the Speaker.

Sagar Sharma along with Manoranjan D entered the Lok Sabha chambers from the visitor’s gallery carrying gas canisters and before they were subdued by the MPs they released yellow gas causing panic among the parliamentarians.

Another man and a woman named Amol and Neelam also carried cans and emitted yellow gas outside the Parliament building simultaneously with the two men emitting yellow gas inside the Lok Sabha chamber.

According to the sources, total six people were involved in the well orchestrated attack plan on Parliament and five of them have been detained by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell so far. Sixth is yet to be detained.

Soon after it was known that Sagar Sharma entered the Lok Sabha chamber holding a visitor pass in the name of BJP MP Pratap Simha, Congress workers held a protest outside his office in his constituency, Mysuru.

Congress workers also took to their X handles to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi posting a picture of him with Pratap Simha saying, “Infiltration in Parliament on the pass of BJP MP Pratap Simha”.

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