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BJP Filed A Complaint Against TMC Workers For Allegedly Entering BJP Warehouse

So far the police has not released any official statement in the matter.

A complain has been filed by BJP against the Trinamool Congress workers allegedly for entering BJP warehouses and breaking its publicity vans on Friday night.

As per the report the incident happened in the wee hours of Saturday and the miscreants were supporters of TMC. They entered the Kadapara warehouse.

They not only vandalized the publicity vans but stolen many valuable items from the warehouse, claimed BJP.

The complaint was filed with Kolkata Police by the BJP’s mondal president Pramd Chowdhury from Manicktala East.

Police has not released any official statement in this regards as of now.

The West Bengal BJP leader Kailash Bajayvargiya also posted a video in which it was shown that some unidentifiable men entered and were roaming inside the warehouse. “Trinamool Congress goons entered the BJP’s Kadapara (Kolkata) Godown at 11 pm without fear and damaged LED cars and also took LEDs with them,” said the BJP leader.

“Maybe, the goons have challenged the Election Commission,” added Vijayvargiya.

The video was further posted by co-incharge of states’s BJP Amit Malvia on Twitter said, “TMC hoodlums vandalise BJP’s #LokkhoSonarBangla raths in the godown in Kadapara… Raths were damaged and LEDs stolen. This is going to be one tough election for the EC to manage given the culture of political violence perpetrated by the TMC. People of West Bengal will respond!”

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