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BJP Asks New Allies To Wait For ‘Three-Four Days’, Reveals JDU

There is no ghosting in this breakup, despite the fact that Nitish Kumar parted from the BJP in a hurry. His party, the Janata Dal United and the BJP, which were expelled on Tuesday, traded lengthy accusations today over how their alliance came to an end.

“How the BJP treats people is before you,” Nitish Kumar remarked.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh of the BJP claimed that Nitish Kumar had compromised the coalition’s principles.

That is a ludicrous assertion, according to Nitish Kumar’s party, and the BJP tried to coerce other parties into not joining him out of a desperate attempt to stop him from creating a new alliance. “They attempted to phone RJD leaders yesterday, telling them they may go after three to four days. However, they are now without an agency. There was only one agent, and Nitish ji got rid of him “stated Nitish Kumar’s party president Rajiv Ranjan “Lalan” Singh.

RCP Singh, who served as Nitish Kumar’s dependable assistant and the JDU’s lone representative in the federal government until July 7, was once again given the wicked character by the politician in his comment. At that point, Nitish Kumar declined to prolong RCP Singh’s tenure in the Rajya Sabha, forcing him to quit under suspicion of switching his allegiance to Amit Shah. He was charged with corruption by Lalan Singh over the weekend. Since then, his previous party has accused him of attempting to recruit MLAs to join the BJP.

Today, the BJP made an effort to show that, in contrast to prior reports, it had made an effort to make amends with Nitish Kumar after it became clear that he was displeased.

Only two days ago, Amit Shah called Nitish Kumar and told him not to worry, according to senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi.

It is crucial for the BJP to refute Nitish Kumar’s team’s claim that it has no regard for allies. Team Nitish has cited BJP President JP Nadda’s recent statement that “Other parties would be wiped out, the BJP alone will remain” as proof that the Prime Minister’s party is unapologetically committed to undermining regional actors who choose to collaborate with it.

Nitish Kumar has a reputation for being politically astute. He has divorced the BJP (a second time) and remarried Tejashwi Yadav, the 30-year-old politician he dumped in 2017 after accusing him of corruption. As a result, the government and Congress, of which the two leaders were a part for roughly two years, were shown in the closing credits. Nitish Kumar was a supporter of the BJP both prior to and following that time. His detractors claim that this shows he lacks an ideology and only selects partners for their mutual benefit. However, this is not a fresh accusation, and it hasn’t stopped others who were dumped by him from giving him another chance.

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