Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Anushka To Sign Three High-Profile Projects This Year In Her Big Comeback

Anushka Sharma’s comeback to the big screen has been hotly anticipated by both her fans and the industry, and we can now report that she is likely to sign three high-profile projects! It appears that two of them will be theatrical productions, and she will also star in an OTT original film that is set to be India’s largest film ever shot on the digital platform!

“Anushka returning to the movies is the best thing happening to our film industry in 2022. She is expected to be mostly seen in three big projects, two of them being big screen entertainers, while one is a massively mounted OTT project. The scale with which this project is being conceptualised easily makes it the biggest film to be produced for the digital space in India! We can expect these announcements to start early next year and Anushka’s fans will rejoice at the range and the clutter-breaking projects that she will choose to entertain them with,” informs a trade source.

“Anushka’s glorious track record at delivering the biggest hits in Hindi cinema coupled with her brilliant, versatile acting skills, already makes these project huge talking points. So, one can expect each announcement to become big conversation starters. Anushka Sharma has always been keen to be a part of the best cinema being produced by the Hindi film industry and these new choices will be reflective of her headspace to choose entertainers that are fresh and new. She will be focussing on her acting career and wants to be a part of cinema that is remarkably differential yet hugely entertaining,” says the source.

Anushka Sharma is the only actress to have three films grossing more than 300 crores: Sultan, PK, and Sanju! Anushka appears prepared to dazzle the silver screen once more now that Vamika is almost a year old (her birthday is January 11). We’ve all been waiting for this moment, and it appears that we’ll have to start counting down the days until the announcements start.

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