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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Another Hit-And-Run In Noida, Swiggy Man Hit And Dragged For 500 Meters

A deliveryman was killed on Sunday in Noida after a car struck his two-wheeler and dragged him for nearly 500 metres in a hit-and-run incident similar to the Delhi automobile tragedy.

When a car struck Kaushal Yadav’s two-wheeler near a flyover in Noida Sector 14, the Swiggy employee was on his way to make a delivery, according to the police.

Witnesses said the driver fled the site when Kaushal’s body came off and parked the car near a temple, roughly 500 metres from the location of the accident.

At one in the morning on Sunday, Kaushal’s brother Amit called him and told him about the accident.

According to officials, a case has been opened based on Amit’s allegation, and an investigation is ongoing.

An official stated, “We are scanning the CCTVs put in the vicinity to trace the culprit.”

Swiggy claimed to have offered Kaushal Yadav’s family both financial and legal support.

“We are extremely grieved by the tragic incident on January 2nd that resulted in Kaushal Yadav, one of our delivery partners, passing away. We are in continual communication with his family members and are doing all necessary steps to expedite this situation, such as processing insurance and providing his family with legal assistance “explained a Swiggy representative.

Just hours before, a 20-year-old woman in Delhi was struck by a car and dragged for almost 13 kilometres.

Anjali Singh’s naked body was later discovered on the road with several injuries, shocking the nation on the first day of the new year.

From Sultanpuri, where they had hit her scooter, to Jonti hamlet in Kanjhapura, when one of the guys eventually discovered her hand sticking out from under the car, the car’s occupants continued to drag her, ripping off her clothing as they went.

The five men have been detained and charged with “culpable homicide not amounting to murder,” “rash driving,” and “caused death by negligence.” It is alleged that they admitted to being intoxicated at the time of the collision.

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