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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Anand Sharma’s Exit From Congress Unleashes Crisis Within Party

Anand Sharma, who today resigned from the “steering committee” of the Congress’s chapter in Himachal Pradesh, causing a crisis in the state chapter, claimed that after dedicating his entire life to the organization, he has been “vilified and humiliated.” Mr. Sharma remarked in an exclusive interview: “I don’t claim to be the only one. Everyone faces difficulties. I have experienced problems in the past where I could have withdrew, such as a difficult autistic kid “. “I abandoned both my career and my way of life. I don’t require to be demonized. I feel so ashamed and hurt. I apologize “He said, his voice quivering.

When asked if he intended to leave the party, he responded, “Never. I want to be totally clear about this. Nobody in the Congress has the authority to challenge Ghulam Nabi Azad, myself, or some of the other members who have sacrificed their lives for the party “.

“What is the source of this rumor? Is it illegal to bring up concerns within the party on internal changes and group decision-making leadership? The Indian National Congress has a history and tradition similar to that “Added he. “Intruders and trespassers cannot say such ridiculous things about us.”

Speaking about how the G-23 leaders, who demanded significant organizational reforms in an explosive letter to Sonia Gandhi two years ago, have been treated, he remarked, “We are the Congress’ architects. We are co-owners, not renters or servants. Why are we vilified when we bring up specific issues?”

Both Mr. Sharma and Mr. Azad were removed off the party’s Rajya Sabha lists in May, prompting vociferous opposition from many party members.

Speaking of the most recent “humiliation,” Mr. Sharma gave an explanation of his decision to resign from his position on the Himachal Pradesh steering committee.

“I did not ask to be made the head of a steering committee,” he remarked, referring to his longtime membership in the party’s Working Committee and Political Affairs Committee. “I’m unable to explain why I wasn’t invited to participate in any of the meetings. My situation had grown hopeless “He emphasized the point when the party had dispatched central observers as he continued.

Mr. Sharma, like other members of the G-23, has been harshly critical of the party over the past two years over a number of issues, including the leadership’s silence on the attack on Kapil Sibal’s residence and the alliance with a contentious new party launched by a Muslim cleric in Bengal.

A number of heavyweights left the party as Sonia Gandhi’s promised organizational improvements were continuously put off.

The party lost Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasada, RPN Singh, Ashwani Kumar, Kapil Sibal, and Hardik Patel over the past two years. The majority of these figures have joined the BJP.

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