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Amritpal Lately Seen In Haryana Hiding Under Umbrella, Likely To Move To Uttarakhand Next

According to reports, Amritpal Singh called some people while he was at Baljit Kaur’s house and gave the impression that they were planning to travel from Haryana to Uttarakhand. Baljit Kaur allegedly told police this.

While Amritpal Singh, the leader of Waris Punjab De, manages to avoid capture, CCTV footages give away signs of his ongoing movements, with the most recent allegedly showing him strolling in a Haryana residential area while concealing himself under an umbrella. This Thursday-discovered video is from Monday. Amritpal Singh was previously seen escaping in Punjab on a motorbike before switching to a motorised three-wheeler. The most recent evidence shows that the supporter of Khalistan only crossed the state boundary on Monday. Authorities have detained several of his assistants, and they are putting together what happened since Saturday.

The Punjab Police began their investigation into Waris Punjab De and Amritpal Singh on March 18. Amritpal Singh had already arrived in Haryana on March 19.

Kurukshetra inhabitant Baljit Kaur acknowledged that she provided housing for Amritpal Singh and his assistant Papalpreet Singh.

Amritpal and Papalpreet spent the night at Baljit Kaur’s house before departing the following morning.

Amritpal’s route to Haryana is unknown. Police claimed that Amritpal’s attempt to flee involved numerous vehicles based on CCTV evidence. They changed their two-wheeler at a gurdwara in the Sehowal hamlet before crossing the river on an overbridge. They next rented an auto-rickshaw, and soon found themselves in Kurukshetra.

Amritpal even ventured close to the Ladhowal railway station while searching for a boat.

Amritpal reportedly made some contacts while at Baljit’s house that appeared to confirm their intention to relocate to Uttarakhand. After it was discovered that Amritpal Singh had left Punjab and travelled to Haryana, the police claimed that all states, including Uttarakhand, were informed.

Amritpal Singh’s path out of Punjab: Amritpal and Papalpreet arrived in Sheikhpura from the Nangal Ambian Gurdwara. They most likely used a vehicle to travel from Punjab to Haryana.

Although neither Amritpal nor Papalpreet are visible in the most recent CCTV video, based on their walking patterns, police believe that the man holding the umbrella is Amritpal Singh and the man walking in front of him is Papalpreet.

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