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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Amritpal And Mentor Papalpreet Again Dodge Punjab Police Amid Massive Search Operation In Hoshiarpur

After a significant search operation was started in a Hoshiarpur village late on Tuesday night to try and capture pro-Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh and his mentor Papalpreet Singh, they allegedly managed to elude the Punjab Police once more.

The police were pursuing a white Innova car out of Phagwara because they thought Amritpal, the wanted man, and his assistant might be inside. The vehicle drove by a police checkpoint before coming to a halt in Mehtiana’s gurdwara. According to officials speaking to news source, the car’s occupants fled after leaving it near the Gurdwara Bhai Chanchal Singh in Marnaian village.

However, during the search exercise, the police detained two of his assistants. The people who were arrested were trailing the Innova vehicle.

To find the suspects, the hamlet has been sealed off, a search operation has begun, and checkpoints and barricades have been set up on the roads.

Three weeks after he and his followers stormed the Ajnala police station near Amritsar to secure the release of an arrested man, the “Waris Punjab De” remains at large following a police crackdown against him and the members of the outfit on March 18.

On March 18, the preacher evaded the police chase in the Jalandhar region by switching cars and posing as someone else.

Amritpal and his associates have been charged with a number of crimes, including inciting class strife, attempting to kill people, attacking police officers, and obstructing the legal performance of official duties.

On social media on Tuesday, a new video of Amritpal Singh and his significant supporter Papalpreet Singh appeared, showing the pro-Khalistan cleric without a turban and donning a mask.

The undated CCTV tape, allegedly from a market in Delhi, showed the wanted man donning dark glasses and walking down a street. Papalpreet Singh could be seen following behind him while carrying a suitcase.

There is no formal statement from Punjab Police regarding the recent video. According to a senior member of the Delhi Police, they are looking into whether Amritpal and his assistant are the people in the footage.

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