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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Amongst supporting friend Israel and mercy on Palestinians, India stands with whom ?

As an Israeli air strike slaughtered 24 Palestinians, social media is humming with help for Palestine. “It is inevitable that people will not speak in a single voice on any issue, let alone one of the flashpoints of the world,” said Mumbai’s Firoze Mithiborwala, national general secretary, India Palestine Solidarity Forum (IPSF). The IPSF said in a proclamation, “We stand in solidarity with the Palestine people. We condemn the Israeli regime in their continued attempts to undermine and destroy the Al-Aqsa Masjid.”

Mithiborwala asserted the endeavor to remove Palestinians from their homes in the Sheik Jarrah area is in consonance with the “larger design of Israel which is ethnic cleansing. It is to make life so difficult for Palestinians that they leave the country”. The secretary asserted that the Forum’s assertion was to intensify the estimation of a part of “Indian people, not of the Narendra Modi-led government which leans towards Israel. Having said that, we do hope India joins in international condemnation of Israel action,” said Mithiborwala.

The favorable to Palestine bunch was gotten some information about the opposite side. At the point when informed that expulsions were occurring a result of legitimate cases and in light of the fact that Sheik Jarrah inhabitants had, as per Israeli informers, not paid rent for quite a long time. What’s more, that Al-Aqsa saw activity in light of weapons stored there by Palestinians. The IPSF excused the allegations guaranteeing that rent had not been paid. The IPSF said there were no weapons, with the exception of certain stones which may have been stored inside the mosque.

Dr Sunilam, Delhi based IPSF VP, said offering help to Palestine, “India needs to stand against the Israeli apartheid regime like we stood against South Africa apartheid. The Israeli apartheid regime is more dangerous than South Africa’s apartheid was. Our stand as a country has always been consistent with seeing an independent Palestine and its people existing in a peaceful environment.” Mumbai’s Shahid Pradhan, who additionally holds the VP’s post, said, “India has historically stood for the rights of Palestine. Indira Gandhi was very close to Yasser Arafat and considered him her rakhi brother. People with a conscience have to support Palestine.”

A counter-development, the Indo-Israel Friendship Association guaranteed, “Pro-Palestine organizations have taken advantage of the Congress stand which has been imbalanced when it comes to India and Palestine.” Jagdish Shetty, privileged secretary of the Association added, “The Indian masses have always supported the Jews of Israel and considered Israel a true and steadfast friend.”

On claims by the favorable to Palestine activists that Israel was the attacker and troublemaker in chief, Shetty said, “It is the Palestinians who pelt rocks at Israeli police and then run into the Al-Aqsa mosque, and when police take action, it is termed as high-handedness.” The supportive of Palestine group was all out in guaranteeing that Israel is an, “occupying force so Palestine is within its rights to use any means against the aggressor.”

Shetty shot back that Israel has supported India on the Kashmir issue, being against Pakistan’s stand and is helping India in its battle against Corona. “India has to be allied with Israel in times of its gravest crisis,” he closed down.

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