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Agnipath To Face Same Fate As Farm Laws, Says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, claimed on Wednesday that the government was “weakening” the army through the “Agnipath” scheme and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have to revoke the military recruitment programme in the same way that the farm laws were repealed.

The former head of the Congress also expressed gratitude to party members for their assistance during his questioning by the Enforcement Directorate in the case of the National Herald. He claimed that he was not alone during the questioning but rather had the support of everyone who is fighting for democracy.

Jobs are the biggest issue facing the nation, and the government has damaged small and medium-sized businesses, Mr. Gandhi said in a speech to Congress parliamentarians and legislators from across the nation who had gathered at the party’s headquarters in Delhi to show support for him after being questioned by the ED.

The last resort of posts in the army have also allegedly been “closed,” according to his claim that PM Modi has “given the country to two to three industrialists.”

In place of “one rank, one pension,” they have now proposed “no rank, no pension,” Mr. Gandhi claimed.

He claimed that the Chinese army was “sitting on our soil” and that the government should be “strengthening it” instead.

They are weakening the army, which will harm the nation, and they call themselves nationalists, Mr. Gandhi said. “When there is a war, results of this will be evident.

“I said that Modi ji would have to reverse the farm laws, and he did. All of the youth are standing with us on this since the Congress is now stating that Prime Minister Modi must rescind the “Agnipath” plan “added he.

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