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Monday, February 6, 2023
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After Countries In Line UK To Depart It’s Last Evacuation Flight From Kabul Airport

The last remaining of British troops in Afghanistan have now been evacuated out from the Kabul airport, finishing the United Kingdom’s two-very long term military mission in the conflict torn country. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, lauded the “heroic” evacuation endeavors, even as his administration recognized with lament that not every person needing repatriation could be brought back from Afghanistan.

In an emotional letter to troops, Johnson honored the “heroic efforts” of every one of those associated with the evacuation activities, nicknamed ‘Operation Pitting’ and expressed gratitude toward the military for guaranteeing that the mission is effectively completed. The UK leader told the troops that they “should feel imense pride” for how they have dealt in bringing closure to Britain’s 20-year Afghan mission. Although, he additionally said that this is an ideal opportunity to consider all the ‘sacrifices’ that were made all the while.

“The departure of the last British soldiers from the country is a moment to reflect on everything we have sacrificed and everything we have achieved in the last two decades,” stated Johnson as the last UK flight left from the Kabul airport carrying troops and diplomatic personnel on Saturday. The flight was departed just few hours after the last flight which evacuated civilians left.

Mostly all countries except United States, have said that they have finished their evacuation mission in Afghanistan. The defence ministry of British, as per a report by the Guardian, said that around 14,000 individuals were carried out of Kabul airport in under about fourteen days. It was “time to close this phase of the operation now”, said Britain’s ambassador to Afghanistan Laurie Bristow shortly prior to leaving, adding a note for individuals who couldn’t be rescued from the conflict torn nation where Taliban insurgents had held control in months.

“But we haven’t forgotten the people who still need to leave,” said Bristow in a video uploaded Twitter. “We’ll continue to do everything we can to help them. Nor have we forgotten the brave, decent people of Afghanistan. They deserve to live in peace and security.”

The British PM in his statement, also said that the United Kingdom’s “goals for the ” have not changed, regardless of whether tyr nature of commitment in Afghanistan has. “We will now use all the diplomatic and humanitarian tools at our disposal to preserve the gains of the last 20 years and give the Afghan people the future they deserve,” he further said.

As reported by the Associated Press, about of 1,100 Afghans who were expected to come to UK were abandoned in the conflict torn country helpless before the Taliban. Some British administrators who have been attempting to help abandoned constituents and their families believe the true total is higher.

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