Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Afghan National Team Footballer Dies After Fall From A US Plane

According to the Afghan news agency Ariana, Zaki Anwari, an Afghan national team footballer, died in a fall from a US plane at Kabul airport on Monday.

Since Taliban terrorists stormed to power in Afghanistan on Sunday, throngs of people have flocked to the airport, several of whom have been spotted attempting to catch a moving jet.

Zaki died after falling from a USAF Boeing C-17, according to Ariana, and his death was confirmed by the General Directorate for Sport.

Thousands of Afghans came to Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday, the day after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital, trying to board a flight out of the country. He allegedly boarded a jet that was set to take off from Kabul.

After the aircraft rushed to avoid the advancing Taliban while transporting hundreds of evacuees, Zaki Anwari’s remains were claimed to have been discovered aboard the US Air Force C-17 cargo plane.

As the US Air Force jet took off from the runway, hundreds of Afghans crowded around it. Some clung to the flight’s wheels or sat on the wings, only to plummet to their deaths from the skies.

New videos from the Kabul airport have emerged, showing ladies asking with troops to let them in from outside the gates and barbed wires. “Help us, the Taliban are coming,” the woman are heard pleading in the footage.

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