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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Om Raut, people who claim full understanding of Ramayana are fools, Adipurush Director

Adipurush, a movie by Om Raut, opened to mixed to unfavourable reviews from reviewers, but its box office success tells a different tale. Within the first two days of its release, the movie reached the Rs 200 crore mark, making Raut “incredibly proud” of the outcomes. Regarding criticisms of the Ramayana’s story modifications in the movie, Raut also stated that the epic is a broad and comprehensive story, and Adipurush just highlights a small section of it.

In an interview, the director claimed that despite the film’s unfavourable reviews, moviegoers have been chanting “Jai Shri Ram” throughout screenings, which has made him feel very joyful and proud. What matters more, he continued, is the kind of reception the movie is receiving at the box office. I’m delighted to announce that we aim to break all previous records for day one box office worldwide. Although Adipurush generated Rs 140 crore globally on its opening day, it still has a long way to go given its enormous Rs 600 crore budget.

The director acknowledged that it would be incorrect to assert that he fully comprehends the Ramayana. He said, “If I kind of sit down and tell you that I have understood the drama, I think it will be a serious error, because nobody, I feel, has the capacity to understand Ramayana.” He added, “Whatever Ramayana that I have understood, whatever little bit you know, it’s like a squirrel’s contribution. That little bit that I have understood of the Ramayana is something that I’ve tried to portray onto celluloid.”

The director claimed that the television adaptation of the Ramayana he grew up watching provided a more comprehensive tale. Adipurush, however, focuses particularly on one chapter of the Ramayana, the Yuddha Kanda. “Ramayana is so vast that it is impossible for anyone to understand,” he declared. They are either lying or are fools if they claim you understand the Ramayana.

Arun Govil, an actor best known for playing Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar’s famous television production of the Ramayana, too voiced his disgust and admitted he hasn’t seen the movie yet. Following the debut of the first teaser, Govil also had a conversation with the Adipurush producers during which he provided his thoughts and suggestions.

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