Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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A Gujarat Based Covid Care Unit Is Treating Covid-19 Giving A Combination Of Both Ayurvedic And Allopathic Treatment

Due to rise in Covid-19 spurt a Covid care unit has been set up inside a ‘gaushala’ (cow shelter) in Gujarat’s Banskatha district’s Toyoda village. Patients here are not just being treated with allopathy but also with the Ayurvedic medicines made from the cow milk and urine.

The unit he been named as Vedalakshana Panchgavya Ayurveda Covid isolation centre and the patients here are being treated for free.

Panchgavya ayurvedic therapy is being used to treat the Covid-19 at the centre. The patients are given medicines made of cow urine, ghee and cow milk. They are also given food grain grown with manure made of cow dung, told Ramratan Maharaj, the head of the centre.

Moreover, havans and pujas (prayer ceremonies) are done persistently at the unit in order to maintain a high level of oxygen in the atmosphere, said Maharaj.

Patients whose oxygen saturation level tumbles to 80 are being admitted to the unit on a priority basis. The centre has a good arrangement for medical oxygen and their clinical trials are being done at the government hospitals.

There are total 5,000 cows at the centre of which 90 give milk. The unit has 50 beds out of which 40 are reserved with the patients.

As per Dr Rakesh Joshi, Assistant Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, this sort of set-up is valuable as an emotionally supportive network for the individuals who have mild Covid-19 effects. Although, the ayurvedic treatment gave at the gaushala can’t supplant allopathic treatment in Covid cases, and certainly not in extreme ones when the oxygen saturation level is low, he said.

Likewise, dietician Dr Talguni Parekh said quarantining at the gaushala could be beneficial for those patients who have been advised home quarantine as they would be given natural food and great quality milk. Parekh said food propensities assume a significant part in the treatment of Covid-19. Nonetheless, she too cautioned that extreme cases ought to just be treated by a doctor and not at such centres.

The quarantining centre has one allopathic specialist, one ayurvedic specialist and five nurses who continually screen the state of the patients. The unit accepts that combining ayurvedic treatment with allopathy, alongside utilization of natural food sources like cow milk, could help patients beat the Covid. Grass has also been planted around the centre to keep the premises cool for the patients.

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