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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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4 Civilians Dead In Terror Attack In Rajouri District Of J&K

Four people have now perished as a result of the terrorist attack in J&K’s Rajouri area after one of the injured civilians passed away in the hospital.

Doctors at the Government Medical College in Rajouri reported some of the nine more victims of the tragedy are in “extremely severe” condition and are receiving medical attention. Several of the seriously injured have been sent to Jammu.

The tragedy happened last night in the village of Dangri. According to authorities, two armed terrorists broke into three residences and started shooting randomly. To find the terrorists, a large search effort has been started.

Dr. Mehmood Bajar, the college’s medical director, has verified the deaths of four people and said that two injured people have been evacuated to Jammu for better care.

Shiv Pal, Deepak Kumar, Satish Kumar, and Pritam Lal have also been named as casualties.

Following the deaths of two civilians outside an Army camp on December 16, this is the second instance of a civilian being slain in Rajouri district in the last two weeks.

According to the news agency, the headman of Dangri village attacked the government, calling the act a serious security breach. According to him, there was a feeling of menace and searches were carried out in several parts of the district.

The attack has caused fear in the neighbourhood. Today is a strike day because of the occurrence, which has prompted several organisations to urge for immediate action. The bandh call has the endorsement of the BJP.

People gathered outside the Rajouri hospital shouted anti-Pakistan and anti-terrorist chants for the murder of innocent people. There were also chants directed at the security services, the administration of the Union Territory, and Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

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