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3 Dead, 3 Severely Injured After Shooter Opens Fire In Denmark

Three people were killed and three others were gravely injured when a shooter opened fire inside a popular mall in the Danish capital on Sunday, according to authorities.

According to Copenhagen police inspector Sren Thomassen, a 22-year-old Danish male was detained following the shooting. He added that although authorities “can’t exclude that it’s terror,” they believe the alleged shooter acted alone.

In Denmark, gun violence is comparatively infrequent.

The shooting, which occurred in the late afternoon at Field’s, one of the largest shopping centers in Scandinavia and a suburb of the Danish capital, Thomassen said it was too early to speculate on the cause. According to witnesses, some individuals fled in a frantic stampede while others hid in stores when the rounds were fired.

It’s utter horror. The 53-year-old IT consultant Hans Christian Stoltz, who was bringing his kids to see Harry Styles sing at a concert scheduled for Sunday night next to the mall, remarked, “This is dreadful. “It’s beyond everything that can be done; you might wonder how a person could do this to another human being.”

Without providing further information, Thomassen stated that the casualties comprised a guy in his 40s and two “young individuals.” Three of the victims, he claimed, were critically hurt.

He claimed that at 5.37 p.m., when the first reports of a shooting were received, police made the suspect an arrest. Thomassen referred to the suspect as a “ethnic Dane,” a term usually used to refer to a white person.

A blurry image of the accused shooter—a man in knee-length shorts, a vest or sleeveless shirt, and clutching what seemed to be a rifle in his right hand—was released by a Danish television station. Mahdi Al-Wazni, a witness, told TV2, “He seemed to be quite violent and angry.” “While I was filming him, he spoke to me and said that the weapon wasn’t real. He exuded a strong sense of pride in his work.

Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark, claimed that a “cruel onslaught” had been launched against the Nordic nation.

“It is inexplicable. Heartbreaking. It was useless, she remarked. “Our lovely and generally very secure capital was altered in an instant.”

People were seen fleeing the mall in pictures taken at the site, while TV2 posted a picture of a guy being carried out on a stretcher. Following the incident, a sizable number of police officers with heavy weapons patrolled the area, and there were also a number of fire department cars positioned outside the mall.

Laurits Hermansen reported to the Danish television station DR that he and his family were in a clothing store at the shopping mall when they heard “three, four bangs. thunderous booms. The shots appeared to have been fired close to the business.

The shopping area is located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, right next to a subway stop on a line that runs from the city’s core to the airport. Additionally, a significant motorway borders the mall.

By police order, the Harry Styles concert that was supposed to go place at the neighboring Royal Arena was canceled.

Styles posted the following message on Snapchat: “My team and I pray for everyone involved in the incident in the mall in Copenhagen. I’m stunned. Love H.”

The Crown Prince of Denmark’s reception for the Tour de France cycling competition has been postponed, according to the royal palace. This year, Denmark hosted the first three stages of the race. In Soenderborg, where the third stage concluded, where the royal yacht is moored, the reception was scheduled to take place.

We do not yet know the full scope of the catastrophe, but it is now obvious that more people have lost their lives and that even more have been hurt, said Queen Margrethe, her son Crown Prince Frederik, and his wife, Crown Princess Mary, in a joint statement.

They issued a statement in which they urged care and unity.

The shooting occurred a week after a large-scale shooting in the neighboring country of Norway, when police allege a Norwegian man of Iranian descent opened fire during an LGBTQ event, leaving two people dead and more than 20 others injured.

Since a 22-year-old man was killed in a gunfight with police in February 2015, when he went on a shooting rampage in the capital that left two people dead and five police officers injured, this gun attack in Denmark has been the worst.

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