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2 Arunachal Pradesh Men Missing From China Border, Search Operation Launched

Near the China border, two men from the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh went in search of medicinal herbs. On August 19, Bateilum Tikro (33) and Bayingso Manyu (35) travelled for Chaglagam, but their relatives didn’t report them missing until October 9 at the neighbourhood police station.

The pair’s family members have contacted the authorities because they believe they may have unintentionally strayed into China. Tikro and Manyu’s family members have pleaded with the state, the federal government, and the Indian Army to find the two missing people. Locals last reported seeing them on August 24.

The police report stated that Manyu and Tikro had vanished after visiting a border region to gather herbal or therapeutic plants. The grievance was filed on October 9.

Arunachal shares a 1,126 km border with China, and social activist Taba Taku encouraged the Union administration to draw a legitimate international boundary with China.

“In quest of herbs and vegetables close to the international border, our kids frequently venture deep into jungles and mistakenly cross into Chinese territory because the area is not marked off and there are no border barriers or railings. Earlier, the People’s Liberation Army of China kidnapped a few young people, but they were eventually released under intense pressure from the Indian side “Asked Taku.

Miram Taron had unintentionally crossed the border into China in January while searching a nearby woodland for therapeutic plants. He was taken prisoner by Chinese troops and released a few days later as a result of India’s intervention.

Taku recommended that the Indian Army conduct extensive border patrols and properly demarcate the border.

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