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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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155 Quakes Hit Japan On New Year. 8 Dead In Major Jolt On Monday

Japan has been hit by 155 earthquakes on Monday with 7.6-magnitude at highest and another of over 6, said the Meteorological Office

Six fresh jolts were felt early morning on Tuesday while, most of the quakes since Monday were over 3 magnitude.

A major jolt took lives of eight people in central Japan on New Year’s Day that also led to tsunami waves damaging homes, structures and sparked a fife that carried destruction overnight.

The circulating pictures of the destruction showed countless charred homes, sunken boats at port, collapsed buildings and locals without power in freezing temperatures.

Tsunami with waves going 1.2 metres hit the Wajima port on Monday, while a series of small waves hit at several places across the country.

The local energy provider said, over 32,000 households remained without power on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, according to the fire and disaster management Agency, tens of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate at the earliest.

The defence ministry also said that at least 1,000 are staying at the military base.

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