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12 Dead In Wall Collapse Due To Rain In UP

Up to 12 individuals have died in separate wall collapse incidents in Uttar Pradesh, with nine of those fatalities occurring in Lucknow and three in Unnao as a result of the state’s devastation caused by torrential rain.

In the Dilkusha neighborhood of Lucknow on Friday, nine people—including women and children—were killed and one person was injured when a wall collapsed as a result of the heavy rain. Rescue efforts are under way, and police have arrived on the scene.

“In the Dilkusha region, some laborers were residing in huts outside of an Army enclave. The Army enclave’s boundary wall fell due to heavy overnight rainfall, “Piyush Mordia, the joint commissioner of police for law and order, said.

President Droupadi Murmu sent his sympathies to the deceased’s family and wished those who were hurt a swift recovery.

In addition, the Chief Minister declared an ex-gratia payment of Rs. 4 lakh to the families of the deceased and issued directives for the adequate care of the injured.

The relatives of the victims who perished in a wall fall event in Lucknow have received condolence messages from Home Minister Amit Shah.

In an incident involving a wall collapse in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, three people—two of them minors—were killed and one was hurt when a house’s roof fell owing to rain late last night.

Brajesh Pathak, the deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, expressed his sympathy to the relatives of the victims and pledged to assist them in any way he could.

“Shocked and grieved by the incidence of many persons dying owing to wall collapse in Dilkusha under Lucknow Cantt Assembly,” he tweeted. I have instructed the authorities to conduct relief and rescue operations. The state administration is offering the victims’ families every kind of assistance. I support the grieving families in their every sorrow.

The families of those who lost their lives in this accident received the “deepest condolences” from Rajnath Singh, the defense minister.

Another instance included the roof of the Gokhale Marg Sagar Hotel in Lucknow’s Hazratganj neighborhood collapsing from heavy rain.

After becoming buried in the debris, a guard was hurt during the event. He’s been admitted to a public hospital.

A rescue and relief effort is in progress.

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