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Congress MP Breaks Silence In ₹350 Crore Cash Recovery, Says Family Involved In Business

Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu on Friday finally broke his silence over the ₹ 350 crore cash recovered from his premises. He said the money recovered is not directly his but belongs to the companies that were raided as his family handles business.

He clearly stated that the money seized is not linked to him in anyway or any political party.

The Income Tax department began searches at Boudh Distillery Pvt Ltd, linked to Mr Sahu’s family on December 6 and his statement comes 10 days after.

Raids by the IT department were conducted in Jharkhand and Odisha which yielded a total cash worth ₹ 353.5 crore. This was the biggest seizure ever made by any investigative agency in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at the grand old party referring it with a popular TV series ‘Money Heist’.

BJP has been using videos of almirahs full of cash, recovery and long searches to accuse Congress of corruption.

Talking to media, the Congress MP said this is for the first in his political career that such an allegation has been levelled against him. He said, “I am hurt, and I can say with conviction that the money that has been recovered is my firm’s. We have been in the liquor business for over 100 years. I am involved in politics and did not pay much attention to the business. That was looked after by my family, and I would just ask how things were from time to time”.

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